If you’ve ever passed one of our big yellow Grab lorries, you may have wondered what they are used for. This guide explores everything you need to know about grab hire. Their applications, what they do and how much they cost to hire.

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What is Grab Hire?

Grab Hire is a service provided by haulage companies to help commercial and domestic customers remove large volumes of waste from a site to a recycling facility.

‘Grab’ refers to the hydraulic arm used to collect (or grab) waste from a site and deposit it into the lorries trailer.

‘Hire’ refers to a service where a business or individual hires a haulage company to remove inert waste from their site. 


Due to their versatility, Grab lorries are effective for domestic and commercial purposes.

Grab lorries are particularly popular in the construction industry. This is because they can quickly move large volumes of waste, providing fast and efficient site clearance. 

Our customers use us for a diverse range of purposes, including groundwork, landscaping, home improvements and home renovations.

Property Development

Property developers frequently use grab hire services to remove the large volumes of debris created during construction. Concrete, tarmac, green waste and wood can be removed quickly, making waste management less intensive. This is because the hydraulic grab arm can reach over fences and walls and quickly load the trailer for removal. 

Landscaping and Gardeners

A significant advantage of grab lorries for landscapers is that they remove waste quickly and can deliver large volumes of aggregates. As a result, grab hire is more cost-effective than skip hire, as it can do two jobs simultaneously.

Construction Sites

Constructions sites create a significant amount of debris and waste. ‘Muck Away’ is the term used for removing vast quantities of debris from a construction site to a recycling facility.  

TARS Yellow Grab Lorry

What types of waste does a grab lorry remove?

Our grab lorries remove inert waste from a site to our recycling facility in St Osyth. Inert waste doesn’t pose a threat to the environment, nor does it impact water quality. Our grab lorries collect:

  • Green Waste
  • Waste Wood
  • Non-hazardous and hazardous soils
  • Clean stones
  • Clean hardcore, concrete and tarmac
  • Tree Stumps
  • Mixed muck away services

We also provide material testing to determine the suitability of materials.

How much does it cost to hire a grab lorry?

The cost of Grab Lorry’s hire is variable. We calculate the price based on the type of waste and your location. We need to know what kind of materials you require removed and where your site is based. Our service team can provide an accurate quote.

Is grab hire cheaper than skip hire?

Grab lorries are typically a more cost-effective solution for large-scale projects. This is because our lorries can hold far more waste than a skip. As a result, one of our lorries can remove more debris than multiple skips.

Grab lorries are typically a more cost-effective solution for large-scale projects. This is because grab lorries can hold far more waste than skips. As a result, one grab lorry can remove more debris than multiple skips.

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We provide Grab Hire services to domestic and commercial customers across the Essex, Suffolk, Cambridge and Norfolk.

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