Blue Circle Postcrete

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Blue Circle’s Postcrete is the ultimate solution for securing wooden, concrete, and metal fence posts. This ready-to-use product is designed for maximum durability and ease of use.

No hassle of mixing. Just add water to the post hole and pour in the Postcrete. It sets securely in just 5-10 minutes and is ready for use.

Postcrete comes in a weather-resistant and tear-proof plastic bag, ensuring its longevity and protection. Please keep in mind that the minimum working temperature for Postcrete is 3°C.

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Product Information


Introducing Postcrete, the ideal solution for fixing domestic posts with ease and efficiency. The amount of Postcrete needed will vary based on the size of the hole and post. For example, one bag is enough to secure a square post 10 cm (4”) with a hole 20 cm (8”) wide x 75 cm (30”) deep. For more detailed information, please refer to our Product Datasheet.

Postcrete is unsuitable for general concrete, screeds, mortar, grout, or render applications. If a specific compressive strength is required, we recommend not using Postcrete.

It’s important to follow relevant British and European standards and good practices when using Postcrete. Tarmac Cement UK cannot be held responsible for any issues that arise from improper use.

Postcrete has a shelf life of 300 days from the date of packing, as indicated on the bag, and is guaranteed to have a Soluble Chromium VI level below the legal limit. Thanks to its revolutionary plastic packaging, it can be stored outside in all weather conditions.


Material Safety Data Sheet
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Weight 25 kg
Time to Set

5 – 10 minutes




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