Type 1 Crushed Concrete

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Type 1 crushed concrete is a versatile and durable construction material that is perfect for a wide range of applications. Made from recycled concrete, this product is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

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This high-quality aggregate is produced by crushing and screening concrete waste, resulting in a coarse, angular material that is ideal for use as a sub-base for roads, driveways, and footpaths. It can also be used as a base material for foundations, retaining walls, and other building structures.

One of the key advantages of type 1 crushed concrete is its ability to provide excellent drainage. The angular shape of the aggregate allows water to flow freely through it, reducing the risk of standing water and improving overall drainage. This makes it ideal for use in areas prone to flooding or heavy rainfall.

In addition to its functional benefits, type 1 crushed concrete also has aesthetic appeal. Its unique texture and appearance can add visual interest to landscaping projects, such as decorative pathways or garden borders.

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Weight 1000 kg

Sub-base, roads, driveways, footpaths

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